Jumping Base 2

Blade Base: Jumping Base 2

Weight: 6.8g

    • The combination of jumping-when-hit (i.e. going way off balance after hits) and a large ring which scrapes on the floor when it goes off balance (regularly) is generally not a recipe for success, though as it turns out if balanced well this can be managed.

    • Protrusions on top of the ring add additional recoil.

    • Disc is too wide, resulting in poor LAD as opposed to something like Metal Fight Beyblade's Circle Flat

    • Slopes of inner fins intended to aid with stability via down-force do very little.

    • Able to use a wide range of other SG's and cores, however these generally do not protrude past the disc thus are entirely pointless and often not legal due to not contacting the stadium floor. SG (Bearing Version 2) Shaft does actually work, however it isn't terribly useful.

    • Marginally better with SG (Spring Version) than Jumping Base (Trygle) as it prevents the spring extending and has somewhat lower recoil. The results are nonetheless woeful due to the poor balance, high centre of gravity, and recoil from the disc top.

    • In a large turn around for a part once considered useless, the free spinning dish actually has a very solid ability to grind on opponents and trap them underneath in a pseudo-Force-Smash tactic.

    • Incredibly specific customization is required to make use of this, primarily Hasbro's Version of Flying Defense for its huge width to proportionally match SG (MG Spring Version)'s huge height and to further knock opponents over from above. This brings two previously considered "joke" parts together into a shockingly viable combination.

    • Generally Ten Heavy is optimal for this, though Wide Defense and Ten Wide are also decent picks. One should try different copies of the chosen Weight Disk and experiment with different orientations to ensure the most balanced combination possible.

    • This is a legitimately competitive setup, in what will be a shock to many older Bladers.

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