Customize Clutch Change Base

Weight: 5.8g

    • Gimmick causes actions in the opposite order to which they are useful - the lower-friction survival mode is easily KO'd while doing little to opponents at the start of the battle when both Beyblades have the most energy, and then wastes stamina at the end of battle when the Beyblade is too slow to actually KO anything.

    • Outclassed by Customize Metal Change Base for an SP-Compatible Attack/Stamina mix.

    • There has been some discussion of different timing of clutches, likely due to variations in spring tension. However, this is largely irrelevant as the concept of stamina first then moving to attack later in the game is fundamentally the wrong way around.

    • Can be used at best as a tier 2 Compact Blade Base, but its gimmick tends to be self-defeating, with the Attack mode having very poor stamina.

    • Despite its popularity, a fundamentally flawed part.

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