SG (Bearing Version 2) Shaft

Weight: 0.93g

  • MFB "Defense"-shaped Rubber Tip mounted on a bearing-supported shaft, which compensates for the poor survival of rubber tips (at a slight defensive cost) and allows effective Spin-Stealing, while preventing complete toppling until at very low stamina.

  • However, it is not nearly as stable a tip as say Neo SG (Double Bearing Version) Shaft as the tip itself has enough grip to sit still at an angle while the Beyblade spins around the bearings.

  • Grip and relatively shallow angle of the tip also allows for aggression depending on how freely bearings are spinning and how hard it is launched.

  • Catching of the sides of the tip in Customize Grip Base produces extremely fast, highly erratic movement patterns, but can cause Self-KOs or just take the Beyblade too close to the Tornado Ridge to avoid KOs from Attack types.

  • When fully free spinning, with an aggressive launch and correctly angled sliding shot, reliable, moderate aggression can be drawn out of all but the most pristine condition tips.

  • With more aggressive behaviour, the height has some use on offensive options against Circle Survivor Defense, using ARs with elevated contact points (particularly Mountain Hammer, with Dark Wing and Fire Cracker being less effective alternatives) and Ten Heavy to maximise Rotational Smash and avoid interfering with reach over the top of Circle Survivor's protection. These customisations are generally not considered top-tier competitively due to very poor opposite-spin performance however.

  • Another way to coax aggressive behaviour is through the use of Right Customize Gear (Free Shaft Version) which rubs against the tip, causing it to spin less freely. This results in a setup that has very short bursts of extremely high speed, but the inconsistency of this aggression relegates it to tier 2.

  • Key part of Defensive Zombie customisations - basically being the only way the type exists, which combine spin steal and LAD with Grip Defense and are the only competitive example of the latter in the game. Such combinations are excellent at withstanding Smash Attack, The casings used for this are SG (Bearing Version 2) and Double Bearing Core.

  • SG (Bearing Version 2) generally provides better stability while Double Bearing Core offers more defense, however the stability advantage of SG (Bearing Version 2) only really comes into play when using the incredibly rare Metal Bit Chip against Circle Survivor Defense, as the advantage isn't even enough to make a marked difference to any AR's viability, so generally Double Bearing Core is preferred.

  • Much poorer stamina and stability than regular Zombie shafts, in both same and opposite spin battles, though aggression can be used to win same-spin battles against Zombies (through KO or just knocking-around to reduce stamina) given the right customization.

  • Suffers from rather poor stability, meaning it struggles with Circle Survivor Defense somewhat, and tends to lose to regular Zombie customizations.

  • However, still a capable choice against Circle Survivor Defense with the use of more stable parts or Dragon Saucer SAR, which helps significantly in the match up.

  • Overall a mainstay of the competitive meta, a type-defining part, and one of the most impactful parts in the game.

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