SG (G Ball)

Spin Gear Core: SG (G Ball)

Note: The Black version of this part is very fragile due to issues with the plastic (a case of "Gold Plastic Syndrome" in a non-gold part), and as such should not be used.

Weight: 0.88g + up to one 3/16" Metal Ball (0.448g)

    • Core part is altered to fit a small metal ball (~0.5g), to add additional weight to the SG. This is likely based on players doing this to regular SGs (as seen in Spin Up Guide Book Vol. 1)

    • Also has a platform part that keeps the balls of G Special Base in their pockets, preventing them from escaping (as otherwise they can exit the entire beyblade). This also means it only fits into four bases

    • Fits into two bases normally: G Special Base and Fortress Base (and the latter only with Magne Flat Base Tip, and it does nothing to prevent balls exiting the pockets). This is presumably legal.

    • Also fits into Jumping Base (Trygle) and Jumping Base 2, but doesn't provide a tip. Customize Grip Base and Magne Flat Base's tips fit but do not protrude past either of the bases gimmicks, resulting in total spin times of roughly 10 seconds maximum. The former is likely illegal due to not having a tip, the second is unclear- but without a tip that can contact the stadium it makes little sense.

Ball Configurations:

  • SG (G Ball Version) may be used with 0 or 1 Balls. The difference is negligible, but 1 is preferred for the sake of the gimmick.

Beyblades including this part