SG Grip Change Base

Note: This part suffers from Gold Plastic Syndrome, making the plastic extremely fragile, worsening with time. As such, this part should not be used competitively as it is unlikely to survive more than a few matches.

Weight: 5.4g

    • Quite tall, and primarily used for housing SG Grip Change Base Tip, being the only base that allows this and an SG other than SG (Bearing Version 2) Casings.

    • Due to how aggressive and grippy its tip is (thus meaning the shock of impact must be absorbed by the Beyblade itself rather than dissipated through movement), the plastic's fragility is exemplified, and between this and use with aggressive SP (even Upper Attack) the Base is very prone to breakage.

    • Fragility aside, it is an excellent Attack BB with its own tip. Defense Ring should be used to elongate the BB's life by reducing stress on it, though this only goes so far.

    • Additional height over Defense Grip Base and SG (Bearing Version 2) + SG Grip Change Base Tip allows it to be more effective against Circle Survivor Defense, and the ability to use a Heavy Metal Core is a huge asset for many of the suitably aggressive ARs used to do so, such as Square Edge. This is the most notable attribute of the part metagame wise, and the reason its fragility is of greater concern than usual for the accuracy of the modern game.

    • Also one of two viable Blade Bases for Force Smash due to its aggression, height, grip, low recoil and weight (especially with its compatibility with the Heavy Metal Core), though its stamina is a little lacking, requiring a slightly more aggressive playstyle than Customize Grip Base.

    • Height and narrow tip aperture without the LAD provided by Customize Grip Base mean it is an outclassed choice for SG (Full Auto Clutch Version) Shaft, but it can still be used effectively.

    • With its tip in Sharp Mode, SG Grip Change Base is the best Blade Base for Grip Defense in theory, thanks to passable LAD, smooth design, and good weight. In practice, its fragility makes it basically unusable, leaving Defense Grip Base as the only viable option.

    • While strongly discouraged due to extremely high chance of shattering the Blade Base, the extremely high speed and SP+HMC compatibility make it technically one of the best bases for offensively-focussed Driger V2 customs.

    • Unfortunately, as time has passed and they have become more fragile, SG Grip Change Base can no longer truly be recommended for ANY use, as even with Defense Ring it will likely fail within a few battles. This has a notable impact on the metagame and raises some interesting questions around whether a metagame is more accurate with or without reproductions...

Beyblades including this part


Note the characteristically broken Base Clips.