SG Grip Base

Blade Base: SG Grip Base

Note: The Gold version of this part suffers from some degree of Gold Plastic Syndrome, causing it to be fragile. While not as severe as Uriel 2, care should still be taken with usage and those worried about breaks are advised to avoid usage.

Weight: 4.9g

    • Right-Spin mirror of Magne Flat Base.

    • Has a removable tip and can house a range of Shafts and Tips, though the only useful ones are Customize Grip Base Tip and SG Grip Change Base Tip (using SG (Bearing Version 2) Casings), with SG Grip Base Tip also being a viable option.

    • Similar to a lighter Customize Grip Base, but with no SP support- instead it has four wings which add some smash attack in Right but mostly cause recoil issues (significantly so in Left).

    • Only useful for Attack types due to this - while it can fit various Defensive and Survival shafts it has poor LAD and recoil issues making it a poor choice for these.

    • There are better choices for SG Grip Change Base's tip in SG (Bearing Version 2)'s Casings - Defense Grip Base 2, Customize Bearing Base and, on fresh tips, Customize Grip Base, but SG Grip Base is still a competitive choice.

    • Main use where it isn't outclassed is using Customize Grip Base Tip with Dranzer V's unique Magnecore, allowing the use of the tip at lower heights (see Dranzer V for more information). With other SG's it is generally just a poorer version of Customize Grip Base.

    • Nonetheless, it remains a competitive part as most of the downsides aren't important for attack-oriented Beyblades.

Beyblades including this part