Hammer Tusk

Attack Ring: Hammer Tusk

Weight: 4.7g

    • Three-sided AR with relatively large, spiked wings as the main contact point.

    • Left Spin performs similarly to, but generally slightly worse than Right Spin due to contact point angles. As such, it tends to sit just short of the top tier in Left.

    • Spikes seem to "grind" opponents, sapping their stamina significantly in same spin matchups, while also having relatively low recoil

    • This, combined with solid Smash Attack makes it viable on offensive Metal-tipped aggressive combos such as SG Metal Flat Base (Gaia Dragoon V Version) and SG (Full Auto Clutch Version) Shaft spin-stealing combos, while it is not quite powerful enough to be considered top tier on either, the griding abilities mean it can wear down a lot of opponents to net surprising outspins. This also allows it to be used to some degree in Right Spin Spin-Stealing Attack combos which are effective in same-spin, a rarity for the type, though it lacks the offensive power to be a true top-tier choice.

    • Overall, not a top-tier part but certainly an interesting addition to any collection.

Beyblades including this part