Heavy Metal Gear

Spin Gear Shells: Heavy Metal Gear

Weight: 3.8g

  • Holder for the Heavy Metal Core for EG Blade Bases, though these are interchangeable.

  • Semi Flat tip isn't bad, but much too tall for this to be useful, as the tall height and lack of LAD on compatible Blade Bases makes it quite unstable.

  • Can use other Standard/Neo SG Core Parts but none offer any particular advantage.

  • Must be used with a core part of some kind per "if there is a slot, it must be filled" rule.

  • Can be used to some effectiveness with its own Heavy Metal Core and the weighty First Clutch Base (Zeus Version) to make a usable Weight Based Defense Combination, however its poor stability means it has little use aside from its acceptable defense and is easily outspun by most non-rubber tipped opponent.

  • Not a competitive part.

Beyblades including this part