HMS Double Shooter

Number of Gear Teeth: 10
Number of Rotations (
G Winder): 5.5
Direction: Right

The only true cross-generational launcher in Beyblade, the HMS Double Shooter is an HMS version of the Duotron Launcher which has detachable prongs for Plastics available alongside the built in HMS prongs, allowing for cross-generation use. While it does not have as many rotations as the EZShooter due to using the shorter G Winder (the only Plastics-legal launcher to do so) the greater torque and rarity of skipping make it noticeably more powerful with a pleasant, smooth launch.

However, the prongs have a bad habit of detaching with the Beyblade, greatly limiting the launcher's practicality.

Overall were it not for reliability issues, it would be a surprisingly excellent launcher.

A summary of the performance for HMS can be found on HMS DB's Launchers and Accessories Page.