• AKA: Orthros/Ortros/Ortrus (Mistranslations), Blizzard Orthrus: this comes from the generic instructions for Fukubako 2003, which have katakana reading Burizaado Orutorosu.

  • The actual confirmed translation comes from the individual instruction sheet for Orthrus (only included in boosters with Orthrus itself) which has the Anglicisation printed, and is considered the primary source for the Anglicisation of the name (which would otherwise be assumed to be "Ortros").

Attack Ring: Double Attacker

Weight: 4.3g

Right Spin:

    • One of the most violent Attack Rings of the entire generation, at least on par with Dragon Breaker + Screw Zeus in terms of power, and more effective against Circle Survivor Defense due to the lack of an overhang, but also more prone to wildly flying backwards out of the stadium from recoil.

    • Large, well exposed primary contact points combined with spikes along edges make for consistent hard hits.

    • Does suffer from significant recoil, meaning some caution is required when using it even on combinations with good recoil handling ability.

    • Good but not excessive reach means it works well on bases of all heights, including the rather tall Defense Grip Base (Attack Mode), where it can reach low enough to hit relatively low Defense/Compact combinations without suffering from the destabilization/movement interruption of wider Attack Rings such as Corona Saber.

    • Definitely competitive, but a relatively risky choice.

Left Spin:

    • Somewhat recoil-prone and generally not particularly powerful (at least not enough to justify its recoil) due to a lack of significant contact points.

    • Not worth using in this direction.

Weight Disk: Revolver Attack

Weight: 15.0g

    • Lighter than Heavy and Eight Heavy while having a similarly compact weight distribution

    • Weight distribution implies defensive use, but the recoil from the contact points and the relatively middling weight means it doesn't work well here - even Heavy Attack is a better choice on set-ups that can reduce the recoil.

    • Not a useful part.

Spin Gear: Neo Right Spin Gear (Metal Weight Version)

Spin Gear Shells: Neo Right Spin Gear Shells

Weight: 1.15g ea (total 2.3g)

  • Generally preferred to regular Right shells due to being compatible with all SG-Compatible bases, in particular for being compatible with Neo SG Cores and the Heavy Metal Core.

  • This means they are a necessity for Compacts, Weight Based Defense, Force Smash, Traditional Upper Attack and Driger V2 Combinations, at least aside from the rare occasions Left Spin is desired for one of these types, in which case Neo Left Shells are preferred.

  • Overall a crucial competitive part, but thankfully exceedingly common.

Spin Gear Core: Metal Weight Core

Weight: 2.5g

  • Only compatible with Neo Shells.

  • Has a cylindrical metal part in the centre to add weight

  • Slightly lighter than Magnecores, which limits its usefulness, even for Attack Types where the small difference between it and other cores in terms of weight means it generally fails to find a niche, or at least fails to stand out as significantly better in most cases.

  • This does not mean it is outclassed for all setups, however, odds are it provides the right mix of recoil control and speed for some setups, it is just that the difference it would be best by would inevitably be quite small.

  • Does still work well for Attack Types in general, despite usually being outperformed by other options the difference is quite minimal.

Support Parts: Twin Guard

Weight: 1.71g

  • Thinner than other Single Part SP, which means it is the only one that can be used upside down, to attack in left spin, though the mediocre LAD this produces in either spin direction means it still does not allow Twin Guard to be an effective survival SP in Right Spin.

  • In addition to this, SP on Attack setups are generally used for their weight distribution aspects rather than their aggression, meaning inverting the SP when used in Left Spin Attackers is rarely worthwhile.

  • Wings let it provide some smash, but it suffers from more recoil than Survivor Ring or Cross Survivor.

  • Survivor Ring offers more power, Cross Survivor is weaker but improves attackers weight distribution more (especially as Twin Guard is remarkably lightweight), though Twin Guard is still an option for attack rings with poorer reach, though the improvement compared to Defense Ring is minimal.

  • Between its price and recoil, Cross Survivor and Defense Ring are generally preferred over it on the setups it can be used in, but it is still an effective choice for Attack types in Right Spin.

  • Generally, SP are used for their weight distribution aspects rather than their aggression, meaning inverting the SP does not provide noticeable improvement in performance on Left Spin Attackers

  • Wings interrupt LAD and cause some recoil for survival/defense types in Right Spin, and Twin Guard should not be used for those types in this direction (though it is still better than any two-part SP for this purpose).

  • LAD in Left Spin is good, but generally Survivor Ring, Cross Survivor and Defense Ring are all at least slightly better.

  • Defense in Left Spin is okay, but the wings mean Defense Ring is a better choice, and in addition to this, Twin Guard's thinner design means Cross Survivor is also a better choice as it adds a buffer of plastic to reduce recoil. Overall, while it is still a fairly effective part for Left Spin Defense types, the two aforementioned parts are preferred.

Blade Base: SG Bolt Base

Weight: 6.2g

    • Screws are intended to add weight, however Customize Metal Change Base is still heavier.

    • Relatively aggressive due to the flat plastic tip, however as it has neither the stamina of metal tipped bases nor the grip and controllability of rubber tipped bases, it is not useful as an attack base.

    • Poor LAD limits usefulness fairly severely.

    • Has some use as a Compact/Weight Based Defense base, however its aggression and relatively mediocre stamina mean it is outclassed.

    • Overall, not a useful part.


  • While the Double Attack is indeed very powerful, its incredible recoil limits its usefulness and there are cheaper alternatives available, Twin Guard is often poorer than more readily available alternatives, and SG Bolt Base serves little purpose. In addition to this, Orthrus is generally an expensive Beyblade and as such is best left for collectors.

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