First Clutch Base (Dragoon G Version)

Weight: 7.6g

    • First Clutch activates at start of battle. Slightly less self-destructive than Final Clutch because the Beyblade resists the destabilization caused by the Engine Gear's activation, instead it breaks flower pattern and sometimes self KO's.

    • Sometimes it can effectively barrel into opponents for significant smash, though this is a huge gamble.

    • Spiked, designed to attack lower opponents in Left Spin which is moderately effective all things considered. Only creates recoil in Right Spin, making the Blade Base practically useless in this Spin Direction.

    • The most effective choice for a Blade Base on Left Engine Gear (Turbo) + CEW Metal Grip combinations due to being able to hit lower opponents with some level of effectiveness without terrible recoil, but generally this is outclassed by conventional attackers, due to the lack of an AR capable of effective attacks on setups this tall.

    • One interesting use is using Smash Turtle to push opponents into range of the Blade Base, though this is more of a neat gimmick setup than anything competitively worthwhile.

    • Overall, not a competitive part but more useful than some other EG Blade Bases.