Triple Tiger

Attack Ring: Triple Tiger

Weight: 6.3g

Right Spin:

    • Solid Smash Attack, less recoil than the size of its contact points suggest due to the fact they perfectly follow the beyblade's rotation (putting all of the Beyblade's force behind each hit), having roughly the same amount of recoil as Triple Wing.

    • Decent Upper Attack and Upward Smash, which can help make opponents more vulnerable to its smash attack.

    • Overhanging design means it is a good choice to compensate for tall bases like Customize Grip Base and Defense Grip Base (Attack Mode), making much more versatile combinations. This comes at the direct cost of general ineffectiveness against Circle Survivor Defense, however.

    • Generally appears to prefer high speed over more weight and is therefore one of the rare situations where Wide Survivor may be a better choice than Wide Defense as the Weight Disk.

    • Overall a fantastic Smash Attack and Traditional Upper Attack AR in this direction.

Left Spin:

    • Thick, pointed edges behind the heads provide main contact points.

    • Very recoil prone, but once controlled it is very powerful.

    • A very effective Smash Attack AR in this direction, though falling under the Hyper Aggressive category requiring strong recoil control.

    • Can suffer a bit against lower opponents due to the sloped underside.