Hayate Attack Ring

Attack Ring: Hayate Attack Ring

Note: The name of this part is unconfirmed.

Weight: 4.5g

    • Extremely aggressive design.

Left Spin:

    • Has a tremendous amount of Smash Attack at the cost of significant rotational recoil - enough to bend the AR back over the SG occasionally.

    • Recoil due to width plus suboptimal angles on some contact points, but less severe than the Hasbro version due to the lack of poles.

    • Does struggle slightly more than some similarly powerful ARs against Weight Based Defense due to its recoil making it more likely to Self-KO against them, though this is fairly minor.

    • Can be helped somewhat by a Heavy Metal Core, though works fine without.

    • Overall an extremely powerful Left-Spin Smash AR, and one that tends to be quite affordable - if it ends up being legal.

Right Spin:

    • Pretty much the same amount of recoil as in left but with significantly less power.

    • Not competitive in this direction.