War Bear

Attack Ring: War Bear

Weight: 6.7g total

  • Gimmick is an aggressive but free spinning SAR intended to prevent spin loss from wall collisions (a common "selling point" feature in earlier releases, given the lack of Tornado Ridges to prevent this) but somehow also hit opponents.

  • It doesn't work well for either (not at all for the latter).

Core AR: War Bear

Weight: 4.3g

  • Rounded, but still recoily in either direction, and not much power in either.

  • Spiked sections are fragile in right spin and can even still break in left spin

With Own SAR:

  • Free spinning offensive SARs tend to do nothing but create recoil, and in the case of War Bear SAR, stability issues, while being unable to land solid hits on opponents.

  • Not useful in this configuration

With Other SARs:

  • With smaller SARs, the fragility and recoil are both issues, as it is wide enough to protrude past the weight disk and its shape is recoil prone. As such, it is not useful with small SARs such as War Lion SAR or even War Monkey SAR

  • Acceptable in a competitive situation with Dragon Saucer SAR, particularly in Left Spin, however due to its width and more aggressive shape, it is outclassed by War Lion, War Monkey and Twin Horn (Hasbro) for this use.

Sub AR: War Bear SAR

Weight: 2.4g

Free Spinning:

  • Not useful without being fixed as it only serves to create recoil and cannot land hits.

Fixed in Place:

  • Can be fixed in place with certain AR and weight disk combinations (Ten Wide/Wide Defense oriented concave-up)

  • Angled poorly for right spin, which even when free spinning causes some stress on corners leading to breakage issues, and in this orientation the SAR has significant recoil issues which make it much less effective than in Left Spin.

  • However, the left-spin contact points are well angled, and while still a little fragile, they make for excellent Smash Attack contact points given their range and weight distribution. There are still some breakage issues with the tips shearing off however.

  • They do come loose over time as the lines underneath wear down, and some War Bear SARs (such as the Hyperblades version) have less secure raised areas on the underside, making them less suitable.

With Dragon Breaker:

  • Makes for a highly aggressive Attack Setup with excellent range, however the SAR can still slip. Both parts of the AR contribute to the effectiveness and the heavier weight goes some way to control recoil on bases like SG Metal Flat Base (Gaia Dragoon V Version)

With Great Dragon:

  • Great Dragon and War Bear SAR reinforce each others weight distribution and contact points almost perfectly.

  • Having both contact points aligned should help with breakage issues for both the Core AR and Sub AR, however the setup should still not be used in Right Spin due to War Bear having other fragility issues not helped by reinforcement and greater recoil in this Spin Direction.

  • Makes for a particularly powerful Left Spin Smash Attack combination with notable recoil but explosive power, making it a very competitive choice.

  • In Right Spin, Great Dragon's most powerful direction, War Lion's Sub Ring is a better choice both due to not being as fragile and for allowing Great Dragon to do more of the work itself.

Beyblades including this part