Magne Weight Disk

Weight Disk: Magne Weight Disk

AKA: MG WD, MGWD, Magne WD, Magneweight Disk, Magnetic Weight Disk, MagnaWD, MagneWD, Magna Weight Disk, MG Weight Disk.

Note on Legality: (Provisional - Check with your Judge) Magne Weight Disk may not be used without the soft plastic outer shell parts. Magne Weight Disks lacking these are considered to have been modified/damaged to the extent that they no longer perform as intended and as a result are illegal.

Weight (Mold 1): 14.3g
Weight (Mold 2): 14.8g

  • Relatively light, with an even weight distribution over a large area, making for rather unspecialised performance.

  • Gimmick serves little use in battle but can interfere with bearings of the combo it is used with, slightly reducing survival ability.

  • Soft plastic shells/outer part provide a slight ability to take hits but shape means it still has more recoil than Wide Defense and Wide Survivor.

  • Light weight and unspecialised weight distribution further reduce usefulness for any type

  • Ten Wide works better for all purposes except defensive zombies, though Magne Weight Disk doesn't work particularly well there either, due to its light weight.

  • Nonetheless, a somewhat usable alternative for Zombie and Defensive Zombie customizations.

Mold Differences:

    • There are two versions, a later one with a continuous outer plastic shell, and an earlier one where it is split into two halves. The latter are very prone to flying off Beyblades at launch due to the weak adhesive with which the plastic parts are attached. As such, the non-split version is always preferred, and the Split Version is best not used for competitive play. It is also worth noting that Mold 2 tends to be slightly heavier.


Mold 1

Mold 2