Griffolyon Base (Hasbro)

Weight: 7.2g

    • Narrow, rounded tip provides exceptionally poor stability and Defense as well as no movement.

    • The pseudo-free-spinning tip is mounted to a cylindrical plastic piece which sits inside the Base, but this has little effect on performance.

    • In addition, the "free spin" gimmick is limited by the large contact area between this centre shaft and the surrounds as well as needing sprues from the runner frame to be clipped very carefully to not scrape.

    • Hasbro, to their credit, did mold the tip better and it lacks the line running through it that causes the Takara version to be even worse than it already is.

    • Hasbro's Griffolyon Base lacks the poles of the Takara version, though the bases of them remain at the sides of the Blade Base.

    • These pole bases result in poor LAD, especially with the awful stability of the tip.

    • While the Hasbro version is certainly better than the Takara version it is still an awful Blade Base.

Beyblades including this part