Driger G (Hasbro Engine Gear RC)

  • Hasbro Exclusive Remote Control version of Driger G. Uses a modified RC Base marketed as Engine Gear. This has a spacer allowing the overhanging AR (unlike RC Beyblade Driger V2) and there is a button on the remote to make the motor inside rotate faster as a pseudo Engine Gear gimmick.

Attack Ring: Triple Tiger

Weight: 6.3g

Right Spin:

    • Solid Smash Attack, less recoil than the size of its contact points suggest due to the fact they perfectly follow the beyblade's rotation (putting all of the Beyblade's force behind each hit), having roughly the same amount of recoil as Triple Wing.

    • Decent Upper Attack and Upward Smash, which can help make opponents more vulnerable to its smash attack.

    • Overhanging design means it is a good choice to compensate for tall bases like Customize Grip Base and Defense Grip Base (Attack Mode), making much more versatile combinations. This comes at the direct cost of general ineffectiveness against Circle Survivor Defense, however.

    • Generally appears to prefer high speed over more weight and is therefore one of the rare situations where Wide Survivor may be a better choice than Wide Defense as the Weight Disk.

    • Overall a fantastic Smash Attack and Traditional Upper Attack AR in this direction.

Left Spin:

    • Thick, pointed edges behind the heads provide main contact points.

    • Very recoil prone, but once controlled it is very powerful.

    • A very effective Smash Attack AR in this direction, though falling under the Hyper Aggressive category requiring strong recoil control.

    • Can suffer a bit against lower opponents due to the sloped underside.

Note: Name is unconfirmed.

Note: This part is not legal under current World Beyblade Organisation rulings.

Weight: 43.3g

  • Remote Control Blade Base with a Semi-Flat tip (identical to RC Semi-Flat Base).

  • Very similar to RC Engine Gear Base (Draciel G Version) with slightly different detailing.

  • Has a button on the launcher which activates what is described as a "second motor" - likely just simple electronic switching to send more power to the motor based on how the process works - which increases speed.

  • Extremely heavy - heavier than any Blade Base + Weight Disk + SG Setup by approximately 6 grams - almost 17% heavier.

  • Standard movement for a Semi-Flat tip, not overly aggressive, though traction from the RC Motor assists when engaged.

  • Tip is spring-mounted, which can wear eventually causing it to retract some. This also causes hopping at times.

  • Spring mounted tip skips the Tornado Ridge somewhat easily, but less so than regular RC Bases

  • Acceptable LAD due to uninterrupted design.

  • Weight combined with decent properties makes it a rather oppressive part, countering metagame staples reliably like RC Super Flat Base does, while having even better Defense than that already overly powerful Base has.

  • Weight means it is very hard to KO without the traction of a rubber tip, making straight counters to it few and far between.

  • Overall extremely powerful, and one of few parts deserving of its place on the illegal parts list.


  • This version of Driger G still retains the best part, an excellent Attack Ring, and is arguably more interesting, however is far more rare and doesn't come with the useful Weight Disk, and the Blade Base is so overpowered it should never be legal. As such, the original is generally preferred, though this is a fun buy for experimentation.