Flying Defense (Hasbro)

I kid you not, this nightmare of a part is quite competitive and this wasn't discovered for 20 years. This is why we play plastics.

Weight: 7.8g

    • Hasbro version of this part differs greatly from Takara's, likely due to Hasbro distributing the product in areas considered more litigious than Takara.

    • Hasbro version has a thick, circular outer ring and the aerofoils are replaced with flat blades.

  • The thick, perfectly round perimeter causes some spin equalisation with opposing Beyblades, but interference with LAD on short bases and easy destabilisation on tall ones means it is pretty much always outspun if used for this.

  • Round perimeter has no Smash so it only shoves things around using its size and weight distribution.

  • The greater weight around the edge than the Takara version does make it better for pushing things around the stadium, albeit only marginally.

  • Has niche use as a counter to certain Circle Survivor Defense combinations (primarily more defensive ones using thicker ARs such as Roller Defense Ring), when using Circle Defenser and a Final Clutch Base it allows for consistent wins via KO and OS thanks to interference with its spin and Circle Defenser preventing scraping. However, it loses against just about everything else, including other Circle Survivor configurations, thus is little more than a novelty.

  • However, it has much more prominent use for similar reasons with Jumping Base 2 combinations, where its width and perimeter-focussed weight distribution make it a good fit for the tall height of the SG when activated and its round edges allow it to knock opponents over to trap them under the lower ring more easily, similar to what it does in the above combination.

  • Overall, quite an interesting part if not a must have.

Beyblades including this part