Bound Defense Ring

Attack Ring: Bound Defense Ring

Weight: 3.7g (Core Part: 2.0g | SAR Part: 1.7g)

  • Same Core AR as Bound Attack Ring, different Sub Ring Part.

  • Right Spin only

  • Removable Sub-ring part made of a more flexible plastic. Sub ring can be placed either way up and in any rotation (with an inverted and rotation position shown on Hasbro's box art) however only within the bounds of Part Stress rules - that is, it must not place undue stress on itself or another part. This greatly narrows down the positions, including limiting all inverted positions to very compact Weight Disks.

  • Core AR is fragile however the flexible Sub Ring does help absorb some impact and keep it out of the way somewhat, and said Sub Ring is more durable than that of Bound Attack Ring. Nonetheless it is still best used with Wide Defense or Wide Survivor as the core part is going to fix it.

  • Well balanced with a somewhat compact weight distribution

  • A top tier choice for Zombie and Circle Survivor Defense Combinations due to a small size. Slightly more recoil than Wing Cross, however, due to the protrusions on two of the wingtips.

  • A top tier choice for compacts, tending toward the more aggressive side, but fragility makes it a less practical choice.

  • Performs very similarly to Mold 2 Wing Cross, albeit with slightly more recoil due to two of the wing tips jutting out, and a slightly more central weight distribution due to the two-piece design.

Beyblades including this part