Dranzer Shooter DX

Number of Gear Teeth: 8
Number of Rotations (Dragon Winder):
Number of Rotations (Spring Winder): 6.25-6.75
Number of Rotations (Regular Winder):
Direction: Right

The Dranzer version of the Deluxe launcher, keyed for Right Spin. These launchers have a built in game that uses a large metal gyro inside of them which is pulled by the winder alongside the regular gear with a stopper built into the back of the launcher. While the Deluxe Shooters equal the Power Shooter for the best gear ratio of the generation (though the BeyUltimate Shooter is perhaps better than either overall) this gear both means the launch gear actually uses a shorter length of ripcord, and that launches require significantly more strength to also move the gyro. As such, the overall strength ends up about on par with the EZShooter Power Custom. The extra weight also places more strain on ripcords, marginally increasing breakage rates.

Overall, a decent and pretty cool launcher, but not a must have.