Upper Attack

Support Parts: Upper Attack

Weight: 1.78g each (Mold 1) | 1.86g each (Mold 2)

    • Combine with Upper Claw to extend the above slopes, allowing for Upper Attack from a very low height and across a huge vertical range.

    • Heavy SP (in fact, counting both parts, more than half a gram heavier than the next heaviest), adding to the overall weight and weight distribution that makes Driger V2 so effective.

    • The only Support Parts that are effective for Attack, though primarily only for Driger V2. On other combinations they have an odd effect of appearing very effective in testing when the attack combination is launched second, in actual 1v1 testing it doesn't have a big impact.

    • Cannot be legally used inverted as even though some Heavy WDs will just fit, it bends the BB slightly and doesn't sit flush.

    • In Left Spin they do produce smash from their leading edge, however the inverted slopes underneath and the overall shape results in noticeable recoil. While their weight means this is less of an issue than for Fin Tector and other offensive SP, there is still no real reason to use them over defensive SP like Defense Ring or Twin Guard.

Mold Differences:

  • A second mold of the Support Parts was used for later Takara versions, including the Red Fukubako 2003 recolor, and all Hasbro versions. This mold features plastic connecting the ends of the slopes to the inner structure of the Support Parts. As the first mold is rather fragile in this area, this version is greatly preferred.

Beyblades including this part


Mold 1

Mold 2