Master Dranzer

  • AKA: M-Dranzer (Stickers), Hey dood (HyperBlades)

Attack Ring: Turtle Survivor

Weight: 3.7g

  • Four-winged AR with large protrusions on two of the wing tips but overall small diameter in line with Wide Survivor.

  • Rather fragile, particularly in Right Spin, as the rear of those two wings tends to snap off.

Right Spin:

  • Good Smash Attack in right spin, though rather recoil-prone as the contact points are a little too outward angled for the most part.

  • A little too aggressive for Survival in this direction, but can be used in a pinch as a poor man's Wing Cross.

Left Spin:

  • Decent survival in Left Spin due to relatively low recoil of leading edges, however the wing tip protrusions create recoil meaning it is not a top tier choice.

  • Basically, a decent AR, but outclassed and fragile.

Weight Disk: Eight Balance

Weight: 14.1g

  • Middling weight and unremarkable weight distribution.

  • Outclassed by pretty much every common competitive Weight Disk, particularly Ten Balance. Heavier plated versions can sometimes reach the same weight however, which makes them an equal, if niche and impractical alternative.

  • Generally though, no competitive use.

Spin Gear: Right Spin Gear

Spin Gear Shells: Right Spin Gear Shells

Weight: 1.1g each (total 2.2g)

  • Right Spin

  • Uses a Metal Weight Gear to add additional weight

  • Incompatible with Neo Cores, and thus certain MagneSystem Blade Bases, though Wyborg's SG (Auto Change Version) SG Core Part can be used to allow use with some.

  • Generally Neo Shells are preferred for their greater compatibility - mostly their ability to use Neo Cores.

  • Regular Shells have one advantage over Neo Shells - due to fitting a Weight Gear, they allow slightly heavier setups with Regular SG-style gimmicked casings (eg pre-Neo Bearing setups) than Neo Shells do.

Note: The correct name for these parts are "Gear" and "Metal Weight Gear" however "Core Part" is used for clarity.

Weight: 1.73g (Core Part: 0.61g | Metal Weight Gear: 1.12g)

  • Has two parts, a plastic part, sometimes called a "Gear" though this tends to lead to confusion, and a metal ring called a "Metal Weight Gear". When using Neo Shells, there is no place for the Metal Weight Gear, and thus it is not used, resulting in a lighter overall configuration)

  • The plastic part is the second lightest of all Core parts, being on average less than a tenth of a gram heavier than Wyborg's SG (Auto Change Version) core part.

  • Must use a Metal Weight Gear when used in Regular Shells (not doing so causes some instability and fails the "if there's a slot it must be filled" test, though there is no explicit ruling on this).

  • Incompatible with certain MagneSystem Blade Bases as the tip shafts are too wide for the hole in its base.

  • With Neo SG Shells, it creates one of the lightest setups, making for what is theoretically the best SG for most attack types not requiring a Neo core or their own shafts, though the difference is generally theoretical only, due to the minimal weight difference, and often going heavier is better for rotational recoil control.

  • Useful for completely optimizing a Spiral Change Base zombie (which are the only competitive stamina types that do not require a gimmicked SG), as cores are not useful for recoil control due to its low friction and the lighter weight in the centre slightly improves survival. Technically SG (Auto Change Version) may be superior as it does fit, but the difference is likely to be too small to measure.

Blade Base: Metal Sting Base

Weight: 6.3g

  • Sharp metal tip provides good straight stamina but relatively poor stability, not as bad as some though.

  • Base structure has gaps to provide a slightly more edge focussed distribution to improve survival, however it remains a very compact Blade Base

  • Round shape gives decent life after death and reduces spin loss from scraping (which does happen due to its sub-par stability)

  • Good RPM maintenance and compact size means it is a viable Blade Base for Compact Customizations, though only tier 2 due to its stability challenges.

  • Generally, Metal Change Base and Customize Metal Change Base are much, much better choices, but nonetheless, it is not as bad a part as most expect from looking at it.


  • While it has decent all-around parts, none of them are truly competitive, and Metal Draciel comes with the same AR/BB and a slightly better WD. As such, there is little reason to purchase Master Dranzer.

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