Zeo Attack Ring

Attack Ring: Zeo Attack Ring

Note: The name of this Attack Ring is unconfirmed, and thus based on the first release to use the part: Bakutenryu Zeo.

Weight: 4.5g

Right Spin:

    • Solid range and well exposed primary contact points in Right Spin deliver a lot of power with only moderate recoil, making it a competitive choice for Smash Attack in this direction.

    • While recoil isn't huge, Zeo Attack Ring still has excessive rotational recoil for Grip Base and is thus best used on Defense Grip Base (Tip Inverted) or SG Grip Change Base Tip setups.

    • Overall, an excellent choice for Right Spin Smash Attack

Left Spin:

    • Despite the arguably better angle of various other contact points in Left Spin, the primary contact points are less effective in this direction, leaving the Attack Ring lacking the power that makes it so effective in Right.

    • Overall, while it has some Smash Attack, it is not competitive in this spin direction.

Beyblades including this part