Cybernetic Dragon

Attack Ring: Cybernetic Dragon

Weight: 5.3g

    • Large, wide attack ring with very aggressive design, large flat faces as contact points.

    • Incredibly recoil laden in both directions, even with SG Grip Change Base Tip or Defense Grip Base (Tip inverted). It can even bend itself backwards over the SG from hard collisions (and even when it doesn't, the threading shows stress quite quickly with serious use), due to the immense amount of rotational recoil it suffers from.

    • Relatively powerful in both spin directions (less so in left), but not quite enough to be worth using given the recoil, though it does come close to being competitive in Right Spin.

    • If using as a Right Spin Attack AR, benefits greatly from a Heavy Metal Core, which makes it competitively viable.

    • Overall outclassed by better options such as Square Edge, Mountain Hammer and Mirage Goddess.

Beyblades including this part