Neo SG (Double Bearing Version) Shaft

Weight: 1.1g

  • Tip shape is similar to Metal Fight Beyblade's Defense Tip, but shallower, resulting in a wide, plastic Change style tip. This makes it somewhat aggressive for a Survival tip, but this can be useful at time for KOing defensively poor opponents such as Spiral Change Base Zombies if the opponent doesn't opt to Weak Launch, which can largely negate this strategy.

  • The tip surrounds a metal bearing that is welded to the shaft, so in addition to the two Bearings of Double Bearing Core (the only casings the shaft works with) it has third point of free spin, albeit a less effective one, and this combined with the tip shape allows it to take hits slightly better than other Zombie setups.

  • Has very good stability for a zombie setup, giving it a better chance against Circle Survivor Defense compared to the other Zombie shafts, which is very important given how common Circle Survivor Defense combinations are.

  • Customize Grip Base provides additional precession via its lower rim, which assists as the narrower diameter of this tip compared to other zombie bases limits its natural precession ability somewhat. This does help against Circle Survivor Defense, and can make same-spin match ups with other Zombies significantly closer.

  • Overall, generally the best standard Zombie shaft, but users should keep in mind that the moderate defense, stability and small attack gains do come at a cost to stamina, even though this is only really relevant in stamina specific match ups - most notably being against other Zombies using lower friction Shafts such as Bearing Base Shaft, and that SG (Free Shaft Version) Shaft in Customize Grip Base offers similar LAD but some additional offensive ability depending on the Attack Ring used.

  • Lastly, while the legality has not been determined, on many shafts (some are fixed together, most notably all of Hasbro's released) the tip part can be swapped out for those of Hasbro's Jumping Base. While mostly a novelty, in Customize Grip Base the Ball tip is quite competitive, being a more predictable but slightly less stable version of the original, and the Flat tip has some relevance to Spin Stealing Attack though it is usually outclassed.

Beyblades including this part