Reverse Wolf

Original Takara version of Reverse Wolf, for Hasbro's version, see Reverse Wolf (Hasbro).

Attack Ring: Reverse Wolf

Weight: 3.8g

  • Small, mostly round-edged 4-sided AR with contact points facing counter-clockwise, with two longer protrusions behind each wolf head that appear to exist solely to inhibit effective Spin Stealing.

Right Spin:

  • Acceptable for Spin-Stealing in this direction as the wolf heads have limited recoil and the protrusions which do cause it are angled backwards thus suffer less recoil.

  • Nonetheless, the high recoil that remains from those two points as well as the slightly worse profile of the heads mean it is not a competitive choice for Spin Stealing or defensive/compact purposes.

  • No use for attack due to the lack of viable contact points.

Left Spin:

  • The two protrusions cause significant recoil for Survival types, preventing any viable use here.

  • Contact points are not angled effectively for attack, and the range is too limited to be useful.

  • Some use for more aggressive Left-Spin compacts, but generally the design has too much recoil to be worthwhile here.

Beyblades including this part


Contact Point Comparison between Hasbro (Top) and Takara (Bottom)