Square Edge

Attack Ring: Square Edge

Weight: 6.1g

    • Symmetrical, so performance is largely the same in left or right spin.

    • Extremely powerful Smash Attack due to its size, shape and the multiple jagged contact points.

    • Size provides excellent smash for colliding with opponents, especially with the relatively heavy weight. This also gives it excellent reach to improve consistency - especially against Circle Survivor Defense, for which it is arguably the best offensive counter.

    • Incredible rotational Smash due to the deceptively well angled contact points and sheer size and distribution allows for high powered hits on otherwise challenging opponents and impressive ability for last-second knock outs. This is generally enhanced by the use of a Heavy Metal Core.

    • Sloped edges also provide Upper Attack, and in addition to its tremendous Smash Attack power it is also an excellent Upper Attack AR - in fact, it's so powerful it even works to a degree on non-inverted Storm Grip Base.

    • On Inverted Storm Grip Base, especially in Left Spin, it is so powerful it is able to smash Circle Survivor Defense out of the ring despite its excellent defense against low opponents.

    • Spikes along the sides of the AR are surprisingly well-angled and mean most hits will land with some degree of focus, making Square Edge a remarkably consistent AR. They do suffer from wear however, though even with significant wear Square Edge remains a remarkably consistent AR.

    • In addition, the somewhat rectangular shape means that instead of hitting with rounded edges and bouncing away, Square Edge instead can hit with its powerful Rotational Smash, adding to the consistency of hits and the benefit of a Heavy Metal Core.

    • Recoil is too much for metal-tipped Blade Bases and somewhat concerning on Customize Grip Base Tip, but overall not terribly severe compared to similarly powerful ARs.

    • Being a non-overhanging AR and being wide makes it one of the most effective Attack Rings when facing Circle Survivor Defense.

    • Has some of the highest raw power of any Smash Attack AR.

    • Benefits from a Heavy Metal Core and a when on a high-speed Blade Base such as Defense Grip Base (Tip Inverted) due to the increase to Rotational Smash.

    • Can use Ten Heavy or Heavy Attack to some effectiveness, however recoil KOs can become an issue against some opponents due to reduction in the flywheel effect usually provided by Wide Defense or Ten Wide.

    • Overall, Square Edge has massive power output, quite possibly the most of any part in the generation, and has largely manageable recoil to boot. It is for all intents and purposes as well-designed as an Attack Ring could be - like it or not, this is what peak performance looks like.

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