Twin Horn

Attack Ring: Twin Horn

Weight: 3.9g

    • Well-balanced Attack Ring only slightly wider than Wide Survivor, with rounded sides and very small gaps which enhance spin steal slightly without causing recoil issues.

Right Spin:

    • Somewhat aggressive in this direction as the contact points reach past Wide Defense. These are decently angled but generally not effective enough to allow for serious attack usage.

    • Does allow use to add more Smash Attack to a compact custom, a type for which it is a good choice, however the lack of slopes to provide Upper Attack/Destabilization is a serious trade-off versus Tiger Defenser.

    • There are some reports of fragility in Right Spin on aggressive setups.

    • For survival and especially Defense types, Tiger Defenser and War Lion are significantly better choices in this direction, as are numerous Four Layer System Attack Rings, particularly when Wide Defense and Wide Survivor are used. Twin Horn is nonetheless still a competitive choice for Zombie customisations in this direction.

Left Spin:

    • Round, recoil-free leading edges, even weight distribution and the advantages it provides to Spin Stealing make Twin Horn arguably the best Attack Ring for any combination which aims to Steal Spin from Right Spin opponents, which includes the majority of Zombies, giving Twin Horn a serious claim to the title of Best Zombie AR.

    • Extremely low recoil also makes Twin Horn a good choice for any Left Spin Defense custom, though its Hasbro Counterpart, with the ability to provide additional Defense against Smash Attack with the use of Dragon Saucer's Sub AR, is a strong competitor, though it has more issues with vertical hits.

    • The combination of these two properties makes Twin Horn an excellent choice for Defensive Zombies, though again Hasbro's Twin Horn's ability to use Dragon Saucer SAR can make it more effective against certain opponents (but less effective against others).

    • Also a very viable choice for Left Spin Compacts, but like all Attack Rings that are suitable for this, it is extremely defensive.

Beyblades including this part