Cross Horn

Attack Ring: Cross Horn

Note: The Gold version of this part suffers from some degree of Gold Plastic Syndrome, causing it to be fragile. While not as severe as Uriel 2, care should still be taken with usage and those worried about breaks are advised to avoid usage.

Weight: 4.3g

    • Four-winged AR with rounded heads leading in Left Spin and protrusions at wing tips leading in Right Spin

    • Well balanced, but the wing tips protruding past Weight Disks tends to reduce usefulness.

Right Spin:

  • Competent Smash Attack in this direction with limited recoil, however the range is not sufficient and the contact points lack enough focus for it to be a top-tier contender.

  • Shape makes the AR too high-recoil for Defense or Stamina in this direction.

  • An excellent choice for RC Super Flat Base (and RC Bases in general) should RC Bases become legal, with the wing tips obstructing the recoily protrusions on the fake Weight Disk and providing some smash to KO Survival types, while still providing great balance and relatively low recoil to allow outspins against popular combinations.

Left Spin:

  • Smooth shape of the heads provide lower recoil, however the bumps at the trailing edges disrupt this, adding noticeable recoil and limiting overall efficacy.

  • As a result, it is competent but not exceptional as a Zombie AR in this direction, with the recoil making it less useful than alternatives such as Tiger Defenser, Scissor Attacker and Twin Horn.

  • Nonetheless, a solid Tier 2 choice for Zombies.

Beyblades including this part

  • Wolborg 03 (Uriel) (Both Black and Gold have the same name. Hasbro calls this release Wolborg 3)