Left Spin Gear Shells

Spin Gear Shells: Left Spin Gear Shells

Weight: 1.12g each (Shells) + 1.12g (Metal Weight Gear) (Optional)

  • One of two sets of shells used to allow Left-Spin use, alongside Neo Left Spin Gear Shells.

  • Designed to be incompatible with Four Layer System Attack Rings

  • Incompatible with Neo Cores, and thus certain MagneSystem Blade Bases, though Wyborg's SG (Auto Change Version) SG Core Part can be used to allow use with some.

  • Generally Neo Shells are preferred for their greater compatibility, mostly their ability to use Neo Cores - for Left Spin, this is particularly relevant with Double Bearing Core.

  • Generally uses a Metal Weight Gear with all compatible SG Cores. This gear helps reduce wobbling/rattling and adds a small amount of weight. It does not, however, work as a gear in any capacity.

  • Nonetheless, per BBA Survivor, BBA Attacker, BBA Defenser and BBA Balancer having Regular SGs but no Metal Weight Gear, it is not required for legality.

  • This allows Left Spin Gear Shells to produce the lightest SG setups for Left Spin when using SG (Auto Change Version) and no Metal Weight Gear.

Beyblades including this part


Metal Weight Gear

Metal Weight Gear

Metal Weight Gear