Metal Dragoon Bearing Stinger

  • AKA: Bearing Stinger (Hasbro), MDBS (Fan)

  • Note: Performance of Bearing-Equipped parts assumes Shielded Ball Bearings in all positions.

Attack Ring: Scissor Cutter

Weight: 3.0g

  • Right Spin Only

  • Small size

  • Breakage prone, even in the Phantom Force version, due to its thin design and contact point angles.

  • Suffers from recoil issues - Wide Survivor does cover it well and thus reduces recoil and breakage, but it is still too aggressive for serious Survival use as it is exposed as it tilts towards the end of the match where it quickly loses spin due to its recoil.

  • Angles are somewhat too outward, causing recoil and reducing attack power, but it is reasonably hard hitting for its era.

Weight Disk: Heavy

Weight: 15.3g

  • The most compact weight distribution of any weight disk.

  • It is worth noting that there is quite a broad range of weights for this Weight Disk, which one should be wary of.

  • The large corners of its shape result in some recoil when hit, though its compact weight distribution provides some protection against this.

  • Ten Heavy outclasses it slightly in all aspects of performance due to heavier weight, lower recoil, and Eight Heavy is marginally heavier, with a slightly less compact distribution making it a viable alternative.

  • Fairly competitive in Compacts and Traditional Upper Attack and a backup choice for Weight-Based Defense and Semi Flat Base Stamina Combos.

Weight: 0.72g

  • Tip is made of POM, a lower friction plastic than the standard ABS of most Beyblade parts (this is also used in CEW Light Sharp)

  • Excellent stamina, even for a bearing tip.

  • Somewhat unstable, often wobbles around (though it doesn't topple) which is due to a combination of the low friction tip and bearing support.

  • This instability makes it vulnerable to Circle Survivor Defense combinations as it is easily caught under the disk from which it struggles to steal spin, and ground into the stadium floor. While it is not an unwinnable match-up, it is a noticeable issue compared to Neo SG (Double Bearing Version) Shaft.

  • Defense isn't completely terrible for a Survival type when used in a low-recoil combination, though attack types still easily defeat it.

  • Most notable for being very capable in same-spin match-ups due to very low friction, making it quite effective in same spin zombie-vs-zombie match-ups, however as it does not gain precession from Customize Grip Base like Neo SG (Double Bearing Version) Shaft does, matches between the two are very close.

  • However, it still has the best stamina of any non-aggressive Zombie shaft, and as such may be easier to use and less prone to sitting nearer to the exit, which can help somewhat (combined with against opposite-spin attack types.

  • While not as versatile as Double Bearing Core, especially as the only double-bearing setup it can be used in is Right-Spin only, it is still an excellent zombie shaft.

Blade Base: Bearing Base

Weight (without shaft): 6.7g + 2 Bearings

  • Semi-Integrated SG – the prototype for both removable SG's and shaft-and-casing setups.

  • Right spin only

  • SG Part fits two bearings, comes with two wide POM bearings and one plain metal one.

  • Good LAD, despite the clip sometimes scraping, LAD matchup between it and Defense Grip Base 2 is very close.

  • Can be used with a number of shafts, SG (Bearing Version) Shaft and Bearing Base Shaft, with the latter generally being superior.

  • A useful part crippled by Right Spin lock, retains some use against other Zombies and Defensive Zombies, as well as being decent for same-spin stamina.


  • Not a bad buy by any means, and for survival enthusiasts an excellent one, but Burning Kerberous is generally a better choice overall and the small difference between Bearing Base Shaft and SG (Bearing Version) Shaft combined with the fact the SG the latter comes with is required to use Bearing Base Shaft in Left Spin means it's usually a low-return on investment purchase.