Hayate Attack Ring (Hasbro)

Note: The name of this part is unconfirmed.

Weight: 4.7g

    • Extremely aggressive design.

    • Poles create severe recoil especially against taller opponents, making this AR perform worse than its Takara counterpart in terms of both recoil and power.

Left Spin:

    • Has a huge amount of smash attack but suffers from very heavy recoil, especially rotational recoil, meaning it only gets a few hits in.

    • Recoil due to width plus suboptimal angles on some contact points, as well as the poles which add recoil even without the verticality issues they cause.

    • Recoil can be controlled, however it will still suffer against heavier opponents, which can cause it to Self-KO, especially if the opponent is taller.

    • Very hard hitting against light and midweight opponents on suitable setups, enough to be a competitive Smash Attack AR, however the Original Takara Version is much preferred due to greater consistency and lower recoil.

Right Spin:

    • Pretty much the same amount of recoil as in left but with significantly less power.

    • Not competitive in this direction.

Beyblades including this part