North Magnecore (Dranzer V Version)

Note: When used in an SG, any Magnecore is listed as "Magne Version" with no specification of the polarity or variety. These are listed in PlasticsDB part section names for clarity.
Note: In addition to this, the name of this part is unconfirmed, and presumed based on convention. Takara merely refer to it as a North Magnecore.

Weight: 3.25g

  • Modified North Magnecore with the magnet placed higher and shorter gear structure at bottom. There is little weight difference as the magnet is still the same size.

  • This allows non-magnetic tips such as Volcano Change Base Tip and SG Grip Base Tip to sit higher in the Blade Base, reducing overall height of the combination.

  • The fact the magnet in this core opposes the one in Customize Grip Base Tip and Magne Flat Base Tip means they sit at the standard height, pushed there by magnetic force. While interesting, performance is overall identical to a standard height Magnecore.

  • Aside from this, performance is largely identical to the South version, however the lack of any special use with Customize Grip Base Tip means unlike that polarity, it has no unique competitive use, and is therefore basically the same as a standard North Magnecore, and that page can be seen for performance details.

Beyblades including this part