Full Auto Clutch Base

Weight: 8.5g

  • Best used with SG (Full Auto Clutch Version) as the fins prevent the small risk of the clutch mechanism becoming dislodged, however SG (Free Shaft Version) is acceptable with no measurable performance difference.

  • Gimmick causes aggression by fixing shaft at start of battle (using a spring-mounted clutch and centripetal motion), then releasing it for bearing-supported free spin at the end.

  • Intention was to KO opponents early and OS those it couldn't later, apparently as a counter to certain popular combinations of the era - though the lack of Tornado Ridges in contemporaneous stadiums would seem to make this challenging.

  • Very good LAD, second only to Spiral Change Base when used with Wide Survivor.

  • With SG (Full Auto Clutch Version) Shaft (the only viable option), it produces very aggressive movement at the start of the battle, then releases the shaft to allow free spin for better spin stealing later in the match.

  • Has some trouble catching the tornado ridge, making it struggle more with recoil, especially early in the match where it lacks free spin to mitigate this.

  • Overall a competitive choice for Spin Stealing Attack, but one which is harder to use than alternatives.

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