Volcano Change Base

Blade Base: Volcano Change Base

Weight: 3.5g

  • A small bracket section with base clips and an open bottom, exposing the SG. Intended for use with a Magnecore and a Tip with a pole extending into the SG.

  • Primarily for looks and formality as it isn't used for retention of the Tip, leaving this solely to the Magnecore and Tip.

  • Must be used with a Magnecore as it is the only compatible SG that can retain a tip.

  • Can be used with Volcano Change Base Tip or SG Grip Base Tip.

  • With SG Grip Base Tip it makes for an effective rubber tipped attack base, allowing the shorter height offered by Dranzer V's unique Magnecore without the aggressive shape of SG Grip Base or Magne Flat Base, being particularly good with Wide Defense and Mountain Hammer, able to knock the wind out of and outspin a wide range of defensive combinations.

  • See Volcano Change Base Tip for performance with its own tip.

Beyblades including this part


With Magnecore (Dranzer V Version)

Different SG Heights

Left to Right - South Magnecore (Dranzer V Version), South Magnecore (Dranzer V Version) (SonoKong), South Magnecore

With Regular Magnecore

SG Grip Base Tip with Regular Magnecore

SG Grip Base Tip with Magnecore (Dranzer V Version)

SonoKong Version sits at same height