Zinrai (Hasbro)

  • Hasbro alternate release of Bakutenryu Zinrai with poles on AR instead of BB.

  • AKA: Hidden Spirits Zinrai

  • Only Weight Disk name is confirmed, other names are assumed as they were never named by Takara or Hasbro. All four Beyblades are recolors of Bakutenryu Hayate, with no different parts. Parts are named based on the first Beyblade they were released with, Bakutenryu Hayate.

Picture provided by @4d_fury

Weight: 4.7g

    • Extremely aggressive design.

    • Poles create severe recoil especially against taller opponents, making this AR perform worse than its Takara counterpart in terms of both recoil and power.

Left Spin:

    • Has a huge amount of smash attack but suffers from very heavy recoil, especially rotational recoil, meaning it only gets a few hits in.

    • Recoil due to width plus suboptimal angles on some contact points, as well as the poles which add recoil even without the verticality issues they cause.

    • Recoil can be controlled, however it will still suffer against heavier opponents, which can cause it to Self-KO, especially if the opponent is taller.

    • Very hard hitting against light and midweight opponents on suitable setups, enough to be a competitive Smash Attack AR, however the Original Takara Version is much preferred due to greater consistency and lower recoil.

Right Spin:

    • Pretty much the same amount of recoil as in left but with significantly less power.

    • Not competitive in this direction.

Weight Disk: Weight Ring

Weight: 12.4g

    • A metal ring with 12 notches, only compatible with Hayate Base and Hayate Base (Hasbro) - also note that it counts as a Weight Disk thus cannot be squeezed onto other Beyblades legally.

    • Lightweight, and can spin a little freely which results in terrible inertia-related issues when launching and in battle, where hits to the weight disk can cause very heavy interruption to spin.

    • Nonetheless, it is technically not the lightest Weight Disk (that being the soft-edge mold of Eight Wide), and does have an extremely edge-focussed Weight Distribution, which does tend to aid the Hayate Bases to be somewhat less dismal than they might otherwise have been - after all, Mexico's champion for the World Championships did use Tiger Defenser on Hasbro's Hayate Base to win.

    • No real use, however.

Weight: 6.7g

    • Generally flat bottomed, this version has no cylinders extending downward thus has a truly flat bottom. AR and WD both clip onto it rather than the AR screwing on as in normal Beyblades.

    • Only compatible with Weight Ring.

    • Tip is a sharp tip used as tip of figurine's tail (and also some kind of crystal in Bakutenryu Zeo and Bakutenryu Aveiron's figurines).

    • Lack of downward protrusions only makes a meagre difference and this is still an awful part, albeit less awful than the Takara Version.

    • Poor stability, poor LAD, no aggression, and inability to use good parts mean it is a useless part, and the clip on nature combine to make this a spectacularly awful part.

    • Nonetheless, it was used by Mexico's World Championship winner alongside Tiger Defenser, proving that you should never give up on your dreams no matter how bad you are at something.

    • Still not as bad as Jumping Base (Trygle), and marginally better than Takara's Hayate Base.


    • The Attack Ring is pretty entertaining due to the explosive power and recoil, and the figurine is nice enough, but this is really only for collection. In addition to this, the fact the Takara release is superior means there is little reason to buy the Hasbro version aside from collection.