Genocide Circle

Attack Ring: Genocide Circle

Weight: 5.9g

    • The aggressive gaps and contact points (both the poles of the wings and the heads/beaks), produce a lot of Recoil and some Smash Attack, however the wings make hits highly inconsistent due to having low recoil and no Smash Attack.

    • This means hits can either be reasonable power with high recoil or have no impact at all, making for very inconsistent performance.

    • It also has some slopes for Upper Attack in Right Spin, however these are shallow and have next to no effect on opponents, especially as their leading edge is obstructed by the odd pole-like extension at the front of each wing in this direction.

    • Only real use is that on Customize Grip Base it is able to outspin Circle Survivor Defense in some cases, however it generally has too much recoil to really do much other than this.

    • Basically, Genocide Circle's design thoroughly thwarts itself, resulting in a largely useless Attack Ring.

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