• From Random Booster 12, one of three Prize Beyblades for that Random Booster, alongside Venus and Apollon. The three came in Yellow, Blue and Mauve, with Blue being the prize color for this Beyblade.

Picture provided by Yblader1

Attack Ring: Trident Vector

Weight: 5.4g

    • Extremely Aggressive design with numerous thick contact points on a very large Attack Ring.

    • High recoil in either spin direction

Right Spin:

    • Most contact points are very outward-angled, resulting in massive recoil.

    • Respectable power in spite of heavy rotational recoil, however even on the best recoil control setups the Beyblade often ends up flying backwards as or more often than its opponent.

    • Horrendous rotational recoil means it only gets one or two hits in before being out of spin. It is less awful than Cybernetic Dragon in this regard, but is also capable of the same violent disassembly on contact as that AR from time to time.

    • Despite its fearsome looks, Trident Vector is an example of the effects of bad contact point angles and how badly they can ruin a part - it is not a good part.

Left Spin:

    • Lower recoil than Right Spin, however it is still a very recoil-heavy AR.

    • In addition, in Left Spin Trident Vector packs much less power as the contact points are generally ineffective.

    • A mediocre choice at best in this direction.

Mold Differences:

  • The Hasbro version of Trident Vector, used in Ocean Wrath G, has somewhat smoothed out underside details. There is no significant performance difference, however.

Weight Disk: Random

Spin Gear: Neo Right Spin Gear (Metal Weight Version)

Spin Gear Shells: Neo Right Spin Gear Shells

Weight: 1.15g ea (total 2.3g)

  • Generally preferred to regular Right shells due to being compatible with all SG-Compatible bases, in particular for being compatible with Neo SG Cores and the Heavy Metal Core.

  • This means they are a necessity for Compacts, Weight Based Defense, Force Smash, Traditional Upper Attack and Driger V2 Combinations, at least aside from the rare occasions Left Spin is desired for one of these types, in which case Neo Left Shells are preferred.

  • Overall a crucial competitive part, but thankfully exceedingly common.

Spin Gear Core: Metal Weight Core

Weight: 2.5g

  • Only compatible with Neo Shells.

  • Has a cylindrical metal part in the centre to add weight

  • Slightly lighter than Magnecores, which limits its usefulness, even for Attack Types where the small difference between it and other cores in terms of weight means it generally fails to find a niche, or at least fails to stand out as significantly better in most cases.

  • This does not mean it is outclassed for all setups, however, odds are it provides the right mix of recoil control and speed for some setups, it is just that the difference it would be best by would inevitably be quite small.

  • Does still work well for Attack Types in general, despite usually being outperformed by other options the difference is quite minimal.

Blade Base: SG Semi-Flat Base

It is possible to get alternate Blade Bases with Random Booster beys, especially with non-prize Beyblades. In Poseidon's case, the most common alternates are SG Flat Base and SG Sharp Base.

Weight: 4.7g

  • SG version of Semi-Flat Base.

  • Tip is slightly differently angled from Semi-Flat Base, being more shallow. Wears quite quickly.

  • Semi flat tip is nice, being predictable and not difficult to use, but Metal Change Base has better attack, defense, and survival, while Metal Ball Base once worn has a similar but more effective tip shape due to better precession.

  • It is generally outperformed as a result of these factors.

  • In addition, Metal Ball Base with Six Metal Balls has a similarly well-behaved tip but 1g more weight.

  • Nonetheless, it is a competitive part for Compact Customizations as it does work well and they remain competitive using it - just perhaps slightly less capable than with alternatives.


  • As one of the rarest and most highly prized Beyblades in Plastics, it would be truly criminal if Trident Vector, the one unique part of Poseidon and Ocean Wrath G were competitive. Luckily for everyone but people who bought it to test in the hopes it was (*cough*me*cough*), it is a woeful mess. As such, there is no reason to spend the hideous amounts of money asked for this Beyblade - leave this one to collectors.