Spiral Change Base

Blade Base: Spiral Change Base

Weight: 7.2g

  • Incredible LAD - best in the generation, but also incredibly poor defense due to low friction and ease with which the tip section slips over the Tornado Ridge

  • With own SG has Attack and Survival Mode (using a notch and spring mechanism), Survival mode exposes the shaft's tip, which leads to noticeably poorer stability, reducing efficacy as the Beyblade makes contact at an angle, reducing the efficiency of spin stealing veruse being side-on.

  • Attack Mode has a hole flat tip, moves very fast and risks skipping the Tornado Ridge in BB-10 though Weak Launching helps a lot and also helps with the poor Defense slightly.

  • Sadly the incredibly poor recoil control means that despite aggression and exceptional LAD, Spiral Change Base cannot be used for Spin Stealing Attack as this generally just results in recoil KOs from every impact.

  • Without SG (Free Shaft Version) Shaft, both modes act like the Attack mode, with the compressed "Survival Mode" configuration having slightly better LAD. This is considered legal as the tip of Attack Mode is still intended as a tip, and using the lightest SG possible (Neo Casings with SG (Auto Change Version)) is generally the ideal setup to maximise LAD and spin stealing (as Spiral Change Base cannot take a solid hit anyhow).

  • Such good LAD it can actually make fairly effective Zombies using only Ten Wide or even Magne Weight Disk, though Wide Survivor is optimal to maximise LAD when taking on other zombies.

  • Famed for its ability to outspin Zombies and Defensive Zombies in opposite spin thanks to its incredible LAD, it is the best Zombie Base in terms of ability to outspin things, however poor Defense, Self-KO risk and inability to work as a regular stamina base when in same spin match-ups mean it severely lacks versatility, and thus isn't often used as a regular Zombie part. Nonetheless, it can pose a very unpleasant surprise for combinations with limited ability to KO it.

  • It is often beneficial to Weak Launch to reduce self KO and prevent head on collisions at the Tornado Ridge, as Spin Stealing and LAD ability will usually make up for it, which can be used to counter KO attempts by Defensive Zombies and Neo SG (Double Bearing Version) Shaft Zombies etc.

Notable Mold Difference:

  • The SonoKong version of Spiral Change Base is somewhat smaller (though the tip opening is the same diameter) and generally has very slightly superior LAD, however the parts which can fit with it tend to be more limited.

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Attack Mode

Survival Mode