Power Shooter

Number of Gear Teeth: 8
Number of Rotations (Dragon Winder):
Number of Rotations (Spring Winder): 7-7.25
Number of Rotations (Regular Winder):
Direction: Right

While this launcher technically has the best Gear Ratio of all plastics launchers at 8, the mechanism used to ensure the ripcord remains engaged with the gear causes a large amount of friction, reducing the speed at which the winder can be pulled from the launcher, as well as being very fragile - and once this breaks, the launcher will skip badly every launch.

As such, while it is generally a bit more powerful than a regular EZShooter, it is best avoided.

Other properties include a lengthened guide track for the ripcord, which, while new, does provide a smooth and satisfying launching experience, and a rather comfortable shape often described as "peanut-looking".

This launcher is very commonly faked. The official release is Yellow, though other colours may exist none have been confirmed as real (though this may be due to the scarcity of the launcher as a result of its early release). The easiest way to tell is that legitimate copies have the copyright text on their underside, while fakes only have the ripcord shape embedded. The molding on legitimate versions, like all MIJ parts, is also remarkably sharp.