RC Beyblade Guan Yu (Dragoon V2)

Attack Ring: Spike Dragon

Weight: 4.8g

Left Spin:

  • Flat contact points with vertical lines (intended for Spike Attack, however they do little to help).

  • Creates relatively powerful Smash but has horrendous recoil, especially rotational recoil.

  • Overall somewhat usable for Smash Attack but the rotational recoil significantly reduces its power.

Right Spin:

  • Some Smash from the rearmost protrusions but suffers from terrible rotational recoil here as well, and is not worth using.

  • Not a competitive part, there are more powerful alternatives with far less recoil.

  • No Defensive or Survival use either.

Note: Name is unconfirmed. Could technically be called RC Flat Base (Left Spin) (Right Spin), as the tip comes from RC Flat Base (Left Spin).

Note: This part is not legal under current World Beyblade Organisation rulings.

Weight: 37.9g

  • Remote Control Blade Base with a Wide Semi-Flat tip (despite the name).

  • Interestingly, the tip is wider than RC Flat Base - being the same as RC Flat Base (Left Spin). It is generally more stable and, of course, more aggressive.

  • Despite coming with Spike Dragon, it is Right Spin - and unique amongst the 3 Kingdoms releases in that it comes with a unique configuration not seen in the main series - a right spin RC Flat Base (Left Spin) rather than the RC Flat Base included in RC Beyblade Dragoon V2.

  • Standard if slightly aggressive movement for a Semi-Flat tip, not overly aggressive, though the Motor gimmick does increase aggression if used.

  • Tip is spring-mounted, which can wear eventually causing it to retract some. This also causes hopping at times.

  • Catches the ridge better than RC Flat Base but not as effectively as RC Super Flat Base, and as a result is quite easy to KO even when weak launched. This makes it a poorer overall performer than that Base.

  • Middling LAD.

  • Relatively poor stability but better than other RC Bases barring RC Super Flat Base.

  • Were it legal, it would be a decent part with defensive ARs or ARs that don't protrude too far, handling some popular combinations quite well (primarily Left-Spin as well as some compacts) but having very poor defense and limited offensive ability due to its height, with the defense in particular making it somewhat of a risky choice.

  • Somewhat outclassed by RC Super Flat Base which is more stable and therefore more reliable, but generally usable as a counter to similar opponents.


  • While better than the original RC Beyblade Dragoon V2 due to the superior (and unique) Blade Base, RC Beyblade Guan Yu is not a must-have Beyblade by any means.