Defense Grip Base 2

Blade Base: Defense Grip Base 2

Note: The Gold version of this part suffers from Gold Plastic Syndrome, causing it to be very fragile. As such, that colour of this part should not be used competitively.

Weight: 5.7g

    • Wide and with an edge-focused weight distribution and excellent innate LAD.

    • Able to hold an extremely wide range of casings and shafts due to its unobtrusive design.

  • An excellent base for bearing-based Zombie and Spin Stealing Upper Attack combinations.

  • A lot of the LAD comes from the Beyblade rolling around on the edge of a bearing-supported tip. Narrower tips provide too much resistance. Most notably, Neo SG (Double Bearing Version) Shaft is slightly too narrow for it to benefit from this, and as Customize Grip Base offers additional precession ability to that particular Shaft, it is sometimes preferred despite its poorer weight distribution.

  • One of the better choices for holding SG (Bearing Version 2) with SG Grip Change Base Tip, though Customize Bearing Base with appropriate Support Parts is generally preferred for anything that doesn't benefit from the lighter weight (and therefore higher movement speed) and better LAD Defense Grip Base 2 offers (though for fresh tips, Customize Grip Base offers even more LAD). Triple Tiger is the most notable example of an Attack Ring which works slightly better with Defense Grip Base 2 than Customize Bearing Base.

  • Also a very viable choice for Defensive Zombies, as the small amount of additional protection (and aggression) offered by Customize Grip Base may not be useful given the incredible defense already provided by the tip itself. It also improves survival in same spin match-ups as the tip cannot catch inside the base, however there is a slight stability loss as well, which can be problematic against some opponents.

Beyblades including this part