Star Attack

Weight Disk: Star Attack

Weight: 15.6g

  • Five-pointed star shape.

  • Heavy, with a compact weight distribution.

  • Relatively small size.

  • Holes at the tops of each star – this makes the main contact points thin, resulting in some fragility (notable for a Weight Disk, and perhaps making it a rightful fit for Uriel 2, with which it came).

  • Shape makes it suffer severe recoil as well as having a number of sides that suits three whole attack rings, none of which are at all useful (and furthermore, it only aligns with one one of these - Penta Wing).

  • However, Penta Wing alone saves it from truly being awful, with the synergy combined with suitable weight distribution making Star Attack a competitive Traditional Upper Attack Weight Disk, albeit exclusively with that AR.

  • Recoil issues negate any other usefulness for its heavy weight and compact distribution - even Heavy Attack is at least heavy enough to not be completely eclipsed by Ten Heavy

Beyblades including this part