Triple Attacker

Attack Ring: Triple Attacker

Weight: 5.8g

Right Spin:

    • Multiple types of attack: Smash/Force Smash, Upper Attack, and Spike Attack – on wings with heads based on Flash Leopard 2, Wolborg 2 and Voltaic Ape respectively

    • Angles are similar to Triple Wing, however the sharpened contact points, rather than improving the Smash Attack, instead result in hits being made with the outer diagonal of each contact point, reducing their power compared to that AR. They are still fairly effective, but this creates a less focused hit and additional recoil.

    • The Spike Attack contact point hits very hard but suffers a lot of recoil.

    • The Force Smash slope could be interesting, however being on only one ring makes this hugely inconsistent and difficult to measure the efficacy of, and any use it does have is spoiled by the recoil of the AR as a whole.

    • Generally, it requires good recoil control, and even then is outclassed.

    • Tier 2 Smash Attack AR.

Left Spin:

    • Smash only in this direction, provided by heads and in some cases the front of the wing tips

    • Contact points are small, but well exposed and quite well angled, however the Smash Attack wing is somewhat less exposed, reducing consistency

    • Surprisingly effective, while not top-tier, a viable tier 2 option for Left Spin Smash Attack.

Beyblades including this part


Spike Attack

Upper Attack

Smash Attack