Mirage Goddess

Attack Ring: Mirage Goddess

Weight: 7.8g

    • Wide, heavy, thick Attack Ring. Interestingly, it is a top tier Attack AR in Right Spin and a top tier Weight Based Defense and Spin Stealing Attack AR in Left Spin - a deceptively well-rounded Attack Ring.

Right Spin:

    • Thick contact points with good range, angled a little more inward than ideal.

    • Its sheer size allows it to be effective despite this, and the additional bulk can be reassuring for recoil - especially if using Grip Base.

    • Power increases with good rotational recoil control - a Heavy Metal Core can be quite helpful.

    • Overall a top tier choice for Right Spin Smash Attack, though given the price and variety of alternatives, it is not worth buying just for this.

    • Too aggressive for Weight Based Defense in this direction, being rather heavily outclassed, but feasible if you want a very aggressive setup - one could use a heavy Attack combination such as Customize Grip Base, Heavy Metal Core and SG Grip Base Tip to interesting effect, however Force Smash combinations using Smash Turtle generally use these parts better.

    • Gentle slopes on tips do sometimes provide destabilisation just based on the slope of the stadium, but this is pretty negligible.

Left Spin:

    • Heavy, low recoil, and thick, perfect for Weight Based Defense in this direction.

    • Generally left spin is not particularly good for Weight Defense however, due to their poor properties in spin equalising battles, making this a rather niche choice.

    • Nonetheless, there are situations where they are useful (often when you are likely to face Left Spin opponents that might outspin a Right Spin Weight Base Defense combo, or with bluffing etc.) so Mirage Goddess is a competitive part.

    • In addition, it is a surprisingly effective choice for Spin Stealing Attack despite its large size, with its size allowing it to push around opponents and somewhat defensive profile allowing a degree of spin-stealing, making it a competitive choice for this type in Left Spin.

Beyblades using this part