Panther Claw

Attack Ring: Panther Claw

Weight: 4.5g

    • Relatively compact, but wider than Wide Survivor

    • Rather aggressive as well as having a rather large gap between the two parts of each wing,

    • The aggression and width mean Panther Claw is outclassed for Defense/Stamina usage.

    • Decent Smash Attack in Right Spin for its size, but not nearly enough to be competitive despite relatively low recoil.

    • Not overly effective in Left Spin due to lack of effective contact points, while not being low-recoil enough for Spin Stealing

    • Mainly used as a rather aggressive Right Spin Compact AR, though the recoil compromises Stamina and Defense, meaning it is outclassed - Tiger Defenser is a much more balanced choice for this.

    • Some use in Right-Spin Spin Stealing Attack combinations, but it lacks the aggression required to be effective, and Right Spin is of limited use to the type.