Triple Beak

Attack Ring: Triple Beak

AKA: Big Bird

Weight: 3.9g

    • Three large, well exposed triangular protrusions and three small protrusions that don't make much contact

    • Despite the apparently questionable angles of its contact points (which distract one from the concentrated power of its bevelled edges), Triple Beak actually has excellent Smash Attack in both Left and Right Spin, being a powerful competitive choice for either direction and roughly equal in performance in both, and being one of the single most powerful Attack Rings of the generation, alongside greats such as Square Edge and Great Dragon and like the former being omni-directional.

    • Moderate recoil relative to its power, though still needs better recoil control than Grip Base or SG Metal Flat Base (Gaia Dragoon V Version) can offer.

    • Overall an excellent Smash Attack AR in either spin direction.

Beyblades using this part


Watch out for that Bevel