Scissors Arm

Attack Ring: Scissors Arm

Weight: 4.6g

    • Not useful in Right Spin as contact points are angled back, resulting in recoil with little power.

    • In Left Spin, large claws form wide contact points, however these are not particularly well angled.

    • Has huge power, but also suffers from tremendous recoil - more than even Hayate Attack Ring.

    • While it has similar or greater power than a lot of the top-tier Smash Attack ARs, it often self-KOs as it KOs the opponent.

    • As such, not top tier but usable and one of the best Smash ARs outside of the Competitive Combos List

    • Can be taken to a competitive level using SG Grip Change Base Tip, especially a more worn, grippy one, however this is obscure and recoil is still a concern.

Beyblades including this part