SG Metal Sharp Base

Blade Base: SG Metal Sharp Base

Weight: 7.6g

  • Tall and bulky yet still vulnerable to Upper Attack due to the long tip section.

  • Tip has bad stability, no movement and limited defense due to its low friction and tendency to tilt exposing the Beyblade to hits at an angle, making it quite poor.

  • Poor LAD due to the large underside gaps and spikes, which coupled with the poor stability of the tip makes for extremely poor performance.

  • Comes with some of the heaviest base clips of any Beyblade (~0.46g each), though SG (Auto Change Version)'s are slightly heavier (however, given the similar weights, there is likely some crossover). Due to their large size and the fact they protrude greatly on practically every Blade Base, and that they are only 0.1g heavier than standard sized clips, this serves no practical purpose.

  • One of the heavier Blade Bases in total, but not heavy enough to be useful for Weight Based Defense given the terrible shape and tip.

  • Overall not a useful part, outclassed by even Metal Sting Base - and the relatively contemporary Customize Metal Sharp Base is far, far ahead.

Beyblades including this part