Flame Change Base

Blade Base: Flame Change Base

Weight: 4.1g

  • Only compatible with SG (Triple Change Version), and mainly serves as a shell to mount said SG in.

  • Middling LAD and a relatively compact weight distribution (without any ability to use a Heavy Metal Core).

  • Had some use in balance type customisations when released thanks to the versatility offered by SG (Triple Change Version), but is no longer useful as each tip is outclassed

  • Could be used with the AR's and WD's useful for Semi Flat Base Stamina Customs for a more aggressive Balance interpretation of the type, mainly relying on the Flat and Semi-Flat tips. This is generally less effective than using Semi-Flat Base, but may work better in some specific situations (such as against defensively poorer opponents). This would likely only be at all effective on tips worn enough to not hop at the start of battle, due to the negative effects that hopping has on performance.

Beyblades including this part